Why alba.enid?

"The amount of time I've spent hunched over in a dimly lighted dressing room trying to contort my boobs to fit into a bathing suit that doesn't offer mix-and-match sizing is, well, a lot. We all have different bodies, we all take different shapes. So why are women consistently confined to a scale that doesn't include such variation?"  Mary Nunes | Byrdie

The majority of clothing lines sell up to size 12; the average size of the american woman is between 16 and 18; women are often one size on top and another size on bottom

Why we are doing this? We started as an "Off-the-Rack" swimsuit brand, offering our customer comfortable swimsuits they could use where-ever they wanted, even as a top/bodysuit.  But, at our first Brick-and-Mortar, we often received lots of custom measured swimwear requests, due to sizing variations. Say Goodbye to Traditional Sizing!